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THE KAWASAKI DIFFERENCEBREAKING BOUNDARIESBreaking boundariesunlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan® S is geared to fit a wide range of riders.

Never taking away from its stylish features, this bike takes comfort, adjustability, Ninja®-derived power and performance to the next level.

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I’m an astronomer at the Sun Valley, Idaho meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society.

It’s a good meeting, but I’m really here for the total eclipse of the sun.

Astronomers know the motions of the Earth and moon and accurately predicted this eclipse decades ago.

Our professional society shrewdly made reservations 5 years ago at a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Plan B: The scholars of exploding stars, neutron stars, black holes, and clusters of galaxies chose Sun Valley, Idaho for their 4-day meeting.

Modern commerce trumped astronomical prediction, however, when some greedy person bought that hotel and purged the unprofitable reservations. But the schedule for Monday morning was left open for something even more important than “Hyperluminous Wandering Massive Black Holes Discovered in the XMM-Newton Catalog” scheduled for later in the day. Despite deep knowledge of astronomy, or perhaps because of it, our motives mirror everybody’s in the crowd gathered on the lawn of the resort.

We’re here for physical sensations: feeling the chill in the air as the moon covers the sun, seeing the weird not-quite daylight as totality approaches, and experiencing the disorienting seconds when the sun goes black, with the pearly corona revealed.